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Innovation at Scale

Digital Transformation is changing the fabric of all businesses and industries. This book presents a proven model with significant experience on how to re-imagine consumer experience; how to bring in innovation and how to implement through intelligent automation. You will also be able to learn how fintech, healthtech, edutech, retailtech are finding success in doing so and how some of the technologies like AI, IoT, AR, VR, social media are futuring the way to open innovation. This book also leads through how countries and cities are putting their heart in propelling the growth in digital economy.

The Offshore Nation

Strategies for Success in Global Outsourcing and Offshoring
This book presents a look into the globalization of services and the role it plays in the global economy and its future.In the 21st century, outsourcing has been one of the key components of strategy for global corporate success. Offshore outsourcing of services is the next iteration of this strategic initiative. It is not unusual for companies to fundamentally change their delivery and cost proposition by leveraging an offshore model for services.

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