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Off-sure - Service for SME's
At Tholons, we understand the aspirations and unique challenges faced by Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) world over. As globalization becomes an imperative, we aim to assist SMBs in undertaking globalization initiatives, through our Off-sure program.

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What is "Off-Sure" and how does it help?

Off-Sure is an offshoring/global outsourcing framework and methodology consisting of multiple templates and processes which:

Helps you to identify the right offshore/global outsourcing partner who can manage the growth thereby releasing the Management team's bandwidth to focus on higher value work
Optimizes the cost structure to help you achieve the best cost model and significantly improve the bottom line
Helps in identification of the offshore partner in India, Philippines, Vietnam etc. who specializes in the processes and offers the "industry best practices"
De-risks the global expansion of an organization

We have experience of advising clients in multiple domains like IT (ADM, Enterprise Solutions, Product Development etc.), Human Resources Outsourcing, Financial Services Outsourcing, Healthcare Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Services and Engineering Services. Case studies on any of these domains can be made available on request.

Our Off-Sure service comes as a unique "Gain-Share" offering where our Professional Fees is pegged at 11-15% of assured annual savings.

To read more on Off-Sure please click here and download our detailed collateral

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The Offshore Nation
The Offshore Nation Author
Avinash Vashistha
"Services globalization has allowed talent to be recruited, trained, and delivered across previously insurmountable time and distance barriers. This is a force that can equalize the opportunities and pace of development of individuals and regions across the globe. The Offshore Nation is an essential handbook for understanding the opportunities and pitfalls of services globalization - a must-read for business leaders who want to lead their organizations into the future."

B.V. Naidu,Director
Software Technology Parks of India
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