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The Offshore Nation

Strategies for Success in Global Outsourcing and Offshoring
Author: Avinash Vashistha
Table of Content
- Outsourcing as a major strategic weapon for all companies
- Competition in the Future
- Globalization
Tholons Part 1: The Rise of Offshore Outsourcing: Borderless Services
Tholons Part 2: The Knowledge of Offshore Outsourcing: Preparation Meets Opportunity
Tholons Part 3: The Planning of the Offshore Journey: The Offshore Road-Map
Tholons Part 4: The Sourcing and/or Building of the Offshore Presence: Ground Zero
Tholons Part 5: The Managing of the Offshore Presence: The Governance Structure
Tholons Part 6: The Future of The Offshore Nation
Tholons Appendix A: The Service Nations: Country Statistics
Tholons Appendix B: Useful Forms and Checklists
Tholons Appendix C: URLs of Resources
Tholons Appendix D: List of Relevant Events on Outsourcing/Offshoring Worldwide
Tholons Appendix E: Bibliography
Tholons Appendix F: Guide to the online companion

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The Offshore Nation
"Services globalization has allowed talent to be recruited, trained, and delivered across previously insurmountable time and distance barriers. This is a force that can equalize the opportunities and pace of development of individuals and regions across the globe. The Offshore Nation is an essential handbook for understanding the opportunities and pitfalls of services globalization - a must-read for business leaders who want to lead their organizations into the future."
B.V. Naidu,Director
Software Technology Parks of India
"The Offshore Nation demonstrates the changes in how work is accomplished in supply chain, paper and IT-intensive industries in much the same way Henry Ford changed processes in car manufacturing."
Jerry Rao ,Chairman and CEO
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