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Operational Improvement Strategies
Sustaining the competitive advantage and continuous improvement are the two key areas for an organization from an operations perspective. We advise companies on optimizing their operations by creating, adopting and infusing industry best practices.

Our advisors come with a strong operational experience and have the relevant experience to provide an "on-ground" and actionable advice on operational improvements. We engage with our clients on multiple aspects of operations

Health Check and Captive Turnaround
We use our proprietary health check framework encompassing - Strategy, People, Operations, Technology, Risk and Compliance to help clients assess the overall health of their operations or an outsourcing engagement. Some of the key features are highlighted below:

Tholons Best Practices
Map all aspects of the delivery organization with the industry best practices
Tholons Proactive Planning
Formulate a course-correction plan, if required
We engage closely with the senior management to devise sustainability and turnaround strategies to ensure they remain cost-competitive, attract and retain quality talent and provide superior service to their parent organizations.

Location Assessment
We have a comprehensive proprietary framework and proven methodology backed by a robust up-to-date database that enables us to assist the companies with location assessment. We work with our clients to help them identify a city which is aligned with their overall strategy in terms of skill quality and scale, infrastructure, connectivity etc. while ensuring an overall attractive cost structure.
Tholons Read more about Tholons Global Talent Map
Cost Optimization
We work with companies to help them analyze their cost structures, understand elements and cost drivers and work with them to build long-term strategies that enable them to effectively manage their costs and reduce costs on an ongoing basis.

Human Capital Leverage

We advice our clients on multiple areas to help them effectively leverage Human Capital both from revenue maximization and cost optimization perspective:

Tholons Ramp up/growth planning - recruitment and training engine development strategies
Tholons Retention Strategy
Tholons Skill and experience pyramid optimization
Tholons Organization Structure
Physical Asset Leverage
We work with companies to optimize the usage of infrastructure and technology assets to drive efficiency of usage, create significant bottom-line impact and business differentiators.

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