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Growth & Expansion Strategy
Growth is a key imperative for executives world over. We assist CxOs of global businesses in improving top-line, finding ways to create and expand into newer services and tap new markets and geographies.

We work with clients to address the following questions in the area of growth and expansion:
Is the services portfolio of the organization optimized? Can the assets within the organization be better leveraged for higher growth and profitability?
Tholons Tholons
What are the new growth engines for the business, that would provide?
  Tholons Long-term sustainable and sizeable revenues
  Tholons Improved profitability
  Tholons Better competitive advantage
  Tholons Higher shareholder value
  Tholons Synergy with the existing business
How do we address new market opportunities that will drive the next growth engine?
  Tholons What are the most attractive segments/sectors and client market geographies?
  Tholons How should we phase our growth strategy?
How do we align our sales strategy - Marketing, Positioning, Sales Strategy, Sales Force Alignment, and Organizational Structure?
How de we build the organization to support the growth and expansion - Delivery Locations, Operating Model, Processes, Human Resources requirements, and Leadership Team composition?
  Tholons Should we consider the inorganic route (M & A) for growth and expansion?
How do we re-align the organization structure to be in sync with the new growth areas?

Tholons has the capabilities, experience and networks to go beyond the realms of strategy advice for providing execution support in the growth and expansion endeavors of our clients.

We strongly believe in linking our success with our client’s growth and are willing to participate in an equity linked compensation for our advisory services around growth and expansion strategy.

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