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Government and trade bodies
Today, firms actively look out for newer locations globally to setup new operations and fuel business growth. Thus it has become imperative for the governments and trade bodies around the world to work aggressively and establish their respective regions to be “locations of choice".

Tholons has been a pioneer in identifying and promoting newer destinations. We engage with governments and trade bodies across the globe to help them develop as "Centers of Excellence" through the following practices:

Create Eco-System and catalyze development of a favorable business environment, through a country/state/city wide roadmap for global outsourcing and “Centers of Excellence?/span>
Specialty Identification - Identify industries/sectors for building expertise based on skill availability and supporting infrastructure
Skill Assessment - Benchmark the skill level with the other global outsourcing destination
Skill Development - Lay down a roadmap for skill enhancement, capacity building and provide execution support
  Tholons Tax and Regulatory Planning
Working with anchor companies in countries to devise their growth and sales strategies
Work with policy makers and other participants in the eco system in devising policies for a ‘Win –Win?business environment
Tholons Tholons
Marketing and Branding Support
  Tholons Develop the marketing and positioning strategy
  Tholons Co-Host trade shows, seminars and conferences with the trade bodies
Develop marketing collaterals for potential clients
Identify effective channels of improving visibility of the countries' capabilities on the global landscape

Tholons "Top 50 Emerging Outsourcing Cities" annual report is a result of our in-depth understanding of the influencing factors for a country to develop as a top global outsourcing nation. We constantly collect data and network with service providers across the globe to "keep a finger on the pulse" of this ever expanding global outsourcing market.

Client Quote
“We thank Tholons for being a partner in organizing e-Services Philippines: Outsourcing Centers of Excellence, 2008”
President Arroyo
Republic of The Philippines
e-Services 2008
Client Case Study
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More Global Outsourcing Strategy for one of the largest banks in Europe
More Country Roadmap
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