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Global outsourcing strategy
We help global clients to maximize returns on their global outsourcing initiatives and de-risk it by providing advice that is based on a decade long experience and long-standing relationships.

Tholonsí advisors engage with the senior management of the client organization to identify the key objectives of global outsourcing, which go beyond mere cost savings. We understand the key industry specific objectives based on our industry experience spanning Financial Services, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Media and Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom and Education, Utility, Oil and Gas and Technology.

Tholons Tholons
What questions does Tholons help you to answer?
What should we offshore?
Tholons would apply itís proprietary portfolio assessment methodology to identify business processes and IT areas which are good candidates for offshoring
What are the benefits of offshore?
We work with the management teams to carefully examine the benefits of offshoring Ė both quantitative and qualitative
When should we offshore?
Tholons will advise you on the best way to phase your offshore initiative
How should we offshore?
Tholons proprietary frameworks would help you evaluate the Buy/Build, JV, BOT and several other options
Where should we offshore?
Offshoring has gone beyond the realms of a few countries. Tholons advises on which services should be sourced form which countries
Who should we select as an offshore partner?
Tholons would leverage itís industry leading vendor selection frameworks and tools to assist you in selecting the right offshore partner
What should be our internal corporate strategy with respect to offshoring?
We work with our clients to articulate internal communication and governance structure for the global outsourcing/offshoring initiative
Tholons Tholons
Why Tholons is uniquely positioned to assist you on your globalization initiatives?
We have advised 250+ clients across industries and domain around their global outsourcing strategy
Proprietary Frameworks, Tools and Methodologies
We have developed tools and methodologies based on industry best practices to ensure that your strategy and execution are de-risked
Execution Support
We jointly work with the client to transition activities and also participate in the governance process to ensure successful execution
We have relationships with 200+ suppliers across the globe and have direct management access
We work with our clients with deep passion and commitment and are willing to invest in their success by being open towards a shared savings driven compensation model.

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HR Outsourcing Technology Leader
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