About Us
About Us
Tholons is a leading full-service Strategic Advisory firm for Global Outsourcing and Investments.
Our advisors pioneered the Offshore advisory space more than a decade ago and continue to lead and evolve it.
We offer the full range of service from developing globalization strategies, execution of outsourcing strategies and monitoring and tracking of outsourcing outcomes in order to meet client’s business objectives

Our Services
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Our History
In 1999, members of our advisory team founded the first advisory firm focused exclusively on Offshore advisory ?neoIT. In 2006, we decided to expand the canvas of neoIT and started Tholons. Today, Tholons is a full fledged advisory firm focused on the unique needs of large and small clients.
Awards and Recognitions
Client Quote
“Tholons?advise has been valuable to us for developing our captive operations in India. Advisors at Tholons have significant operations and management experience and their “on-ground?recommendations are actionable and realistic. The impact of the advise is visible?/td>
Louis Hall, CEO
Cerillion Technologies Limited
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Tholons has an environment which challenges your intellect. We constantly focus on achieving tangible results. The relentless research ...
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